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Nokia przygotowała nową wersję oprogramowania dla telefonów Nokia N900. W telefonach dostępnych w sklepach Maemo działa w wersji w42-11. 14 stycznia br. udostępniono wersję w51-1 (PR1.1). Wersja ta będzie instalowana "over the air" w krajach, gdzie N900 jest już dostępna.

Obszerna lista poprawek i nowości (ang.):

Changes from Sales Release 1.2009.42-11 to PR1.1 release 2.2009.51-1

New features
Hutchison SIM cards are supported.
MS Exchange 2003 support.
Maemo Update
Bootloader (Nolo) can be updated over Maemo Update.
Cellular software can be updated over Maemo Update.
Icon cache removed to allow more memory space for Maemo Update.
Application Manager: Available space check moved to apt-worker for more accurate results.
Improvements in SGX performance and reliability.
Use-time and power consumption
API for status area applets to detect if they are invisible/absent.
Fixes to Pulseaudio timer increasing power saving when starting/closing apps.
Browser: Removed unnecessary serial logging.
Reduction of wake-ups in Desktop, Connectivity, Conversations, RSS Feed Reader,
Backup correctly handles directories containing pairs of symlinks.
Less CPU load caused during video recording.
Support disabling Virtual Keyboard in input field.
Performance improvements in Browser.
Lock: "swipe to unlock" will not stay on.
CPU idle latencies and thresholds updated.
Fixing eMMC data lines while sleeping.
CellMO power consumption reduced.
Volume button operation in call flipped based on audio routing (no more on screen orientation).
Browser: Downloading & rendering of page content runs promptly.
Helping to avoid capacity limits of rootfs when installing apps (make Docpurge aware of /opt).
Stability and usability fixes to the Profiles applet. Selection, usage and restoring of ringtones.
Fast call from home shortcuts.
Fast SMS rejection of incoming call.
Avoid false alarms in pocket.
Silence ringing by flipping face down.
Fix to Camera photo orientation problem: correct orientation is now written to EXIF.
X: performance of GLES apps improved.
Lower RAM consumption while capturing video.
Phone-UI & Msg-UI always ready to appear.
Application Manager UI speed improvements.
Email faster with large mailboxes.
Large file copy (SD->MMC) doesn't degrade system performance.
OVI Maps
Route calculation and search performance improved.
BT Secure Simple Pairing fixed for Windows Vista.
BT transfer progress indicated.
Improving WLAN connection stability.
Improved WLAN negotiation when going out of reach of access point.
Add voicemail shortcut support.
Showing call forwarding correctly when busy forwarding is not set.
Call log improved.
Audio & Video
Audio volume control works with +/- keys in full-screen playback of flash.
Handling corrupted ring tone files better.
HW volume keys always have same orientation.
Media Player UI now provides feedback when tapping control buttons in video playback.
MIC input not clipped when loud voice in VoIP call.
Pulseaudio: Ringtone is heard from the loudspeaker if BT connected.
Ringtone played both to headset (BT or wired) and to internal HF speakers.
AV sync fix for recorded videos.
ISO EXIF value for images saved when automatic sensitivity in use.
Vignetting test of 2nd camera fixed, VGA sensor stability.
Battery and Charging
Improved charging in case of low charging power (PC USB charging).
Fixing the USB detection and card mounting issue related to quickly attaching/detaching the cable.
Able to format corrupted eMMC properly.
Hang fixed in case of WLAN disconnection while copying files.
Activesync supports now MS Exchange 2003.
Activesync - fixes the forwarding of attachments showing incorrect sizes (Exchange server 2003).
Content copier of PC Suite enabled. Whole content backup (including Notes) can now be restored from PCSuite.
3rd party applications
Policy-settings: Fixes rotation transition for 3rd party applications.
Policy-settings: By default, 3rd party apps should have the same limits as our applications.
Public API for color picker. Home widget is now translucent.
Set/get alarms API.
Syncing of task alarms supported.
Image Viewer
Thumbnailing faster.
Application Manager
Rename Maemo Extras to and enable by default.
Grid view applied for the categories in download view. Added API for filtering packages.
Development Platform
SDK content and tools updated.
SDK GUI installer updated.
New sharing-dialog-dev package added to enable Bluetooth and email sending.
New wappushd-dev package documenting MMS interfaces available.
Upstream Security Issues
Fix for CVE-2009-2417 in curl.
Community reports fixed
Reports in that have been fixed for PR1.1:

""About Flash Player"" contextual menu item treated as unrequested pop-up
Focus not set to location bar after Ctrl-L shortcut is used
Spacebar scrolls more than 1 page
microb doesn't trigger onchange
Page is not rerendered when JavaScript actions increase page length
Complete Browsing History on the N900 sometimes displays ""None""
The menu item ""copy"" in the browser menu does not work
OK button remains disabled in dialog for Integer settings in about:config
Browser window checkerboards and repaints when navigated to from multi-task view
Sometimes the browser window goes black for over a second after clicking the fullscreen/restore button
Start and end times are changing when daylight saving time ends (begins)
Incorrect entries in the Birthday Smart Calendar
Changing to next week is very slow
Smart birthday-widget doesn't show up any birthdays or shows one on random
Chat & Call & SMS
Phone app crashed as call ending
Dialer does not accept SS (3GPP TS 22.030) dial strings
Unclear how to open a contact (sender/receiver) of a conversation
High latency between UI and SIP events being sent
clicking on notification window fails for 2 or more messages when in Dashboard
Skype does not allow entering DTMF tones
skype: Call does not support DTMF tones
Can't send sms/chat to known contact from the Call list
Volume buttons should be swapped when using the phone in portrait mode.
Call Log only displays contact name that called, not phone number
Show wrong Contact for a SMS after a couple of days
scrollbar instead of kinetic scrolling
Chat window for jabber / xmpp is not always updated with new incoming messages
Bluetooth DBUS UI dialogs - wrong args in the example code
Button style in Bluetooth file receive applet is wrong
Inconsistent keyboard behaviour when configuring a static ip address
Drops WLAN connection to Linksys WRT610N after 10-15 minutes
after failed pairing to bluetooth car kit bluetooth can't be turned on
Wrong settings for Orange (France) gprs
udhcpc overriding default routes
address book cannot import vcards from benq/siemens phones properly
Contacts re-appear in list after disableing and re-enableing accounts
No hint that it is impossible to paste an strings containing non-numeric characters into a phone number field
Skype Support>Report problem leads to an error page
N900 sometimes ignores USB data cable
N900 doesn't start charging
Desktop platform
Publish sources of alarm framework
Failed to build libosso-2.19 from Fremantle repo (ggc 4.3.2)
wdgt_va_full_12h_time, wdgt_va_12h_hours should be replaced by wdgt_va_full_12h_time_am/wdgt_va_full_12h_time_pm and wdgt_va_12h_hours_am/wdgt_va_12h_hours_pm
Easy to enter ~ ^ ' ` "" symbols with 3rd row of special character view
""More..."" applications launcher does't allow scrolling
Can't easily align desktop widgets (snap to position) on home screens
No rubber-banding effect in the Main ""More..."" menu (task launcher)
WiFi password shows up in auto-completion
When applying a different theme, not all colors change in application manager
libsdl: Task switcher area can be a dead area
FN-lock and Ctrl+Backspace breaks input for used application
Application Manager moves to background after start when quickly clicking
Typing in newly opened window brings up contact search
Race condition with hardware shift key
Home view blurs on triple-tapping the launcher grid icon
Hanging application menu requires system reboot
Rotation in 42-11 is not as smooth as in 41-10 for some third party apps
""More..."" view is not sorted at all
Add a (short shown) scroll bar in the status area window to indicate that there are more elements inside as actually shown
Updating software removes desktop shortcuts
Desktop Widgets
AP News Widget causes Excessive CPU wakeups
Contact widgets move to active desktop after merge
Media Player widget suddenly starts music after Phone call ends
Development Platform
Link to C code not working (not a link in fact) on Fremantle camera api dev page
Package downloads should be retried when the http connection time-outs
Link for osso_wlan documentation broken
Consider pushing sharing-dialog-dev to nokia-binaries to encourage developer usage of sharing dialog
Video indexing failed in SDK (Tracker issue?)
xkbdata: Inconsistency between installed packages in SDK and FW
example source code not available in "Writing a new maemo application"
e2fsprogs derivative packages not available?
HildonTouchSelector example has wrong parameters in callback function
URL for sharing plugin template missing
Does not always mark e-mails as read (dovecot/cyrus/google IMAP server)
Modest reports email username / password incorrect when it is correct
Performance is unusable on IMAP accounts with a large number of messages in one or more folders (e.g. INBOX)
When an IMAP account is selected, only refresh that account's folders
Locales not working correctly
Deleting email should be more evident...
Fix modest compilation warning
Remove HildonDialog deprecated symbol
Import conic support only if It's available
Remove Hildon 0.x conditional code
Remove Hildon 1.x conditional code in Hildon2 version of modest
Modest doesn't take care of preferences for automatic update
New email notification leads to blank email instead of email itself
nokia messaging doesn't synchronize selected imap folders
Long delays when opening emails - viewer window shows ""Updating""
Images and Camera
When ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, ISO EXIF value in resulting image is 0
Vertical photos from other devices should fill more space when shown in portrait.
User-facing camera produces a left side dark vertical band
Audio does not sync with video (and is ultimately unsyncable)
Improve zooming
Portrait images are scaled to 480px height (instead of width) when displayed in portrait mode
Bluetooth GPS reconnect dialog refuses to go away after clicking ""No""
USA localization displays distance in kilometers
Can't delete route waypoints in Map application
Route Settings screen is not finger friendly
Media player
Information on artist / track not updated in media player with internet radio
Plays next radio station when current station cuts out / has playback issues
flashing pixels around the lock button if media player is playing a video.
Media player track search only matches the beginning of title/artist
Viewing songs by ""Artists"" automatically scrolls to the end of the list
N900 needs to be rebooted if media player fails to play video (h264dec)
Volume in media player jumps when receiving emails, IM´s or sms´s
Can't change FM TX radio station name
Xvid encoded videos unwatchable
Settings and Maintenance
Streamlining user access to the Extras repository
Should remember position in packages list after installing package
Other Category appears twice
Installing many packages at a time via App Manager exhausts rootfs space
Artifacts (visual noise) when tapping screen in Screen Calibration
docpurge is not aware of /opt
Inconsistent layout on similar Sharing/VOIP applets
Background image settings not restored
Evernote uses too much space in root partition, should use /opt
Statusbar Widgets
Volume slider doesn't notice when you plug in headphones
Currently active connection should be first in Connections list
First Synchronization between N900 and Exchange 2003 Server always fails
MfE spams screen with error messages when it cannot connect to the server
MfE wont keep Exchange account updated
Changing password on Exchange 2007 makes MfE go crazy
Company Directory not present
MfE is missing some CA cert symlinks on some devices (NuevaSync)
Initial sync fails with exchange 2007
System Analysis
getbootstate bricks the device after 17 reboots if there are no normal boots in between them
System software
Shaking device switches between landscape and portrait modes
Charger not recognized when plugged in when in Touch & Key lock
Low power/battery beep does not sound if you're on a call
Pin / lock code entry dialog reveals digits on backspace
3 Mobile SIM card rejected
Call forwarding settings not being saved
No pause before sending DTMF tones
Ring tone played through Bluetooth headset instead of internal speakers
Change 'TV uit' (TV out) to 'TV-uitgang'
"Ładowanie" used without distinction between ""charging"" and ""loading""
addr_va_lastname has a comma that it shouldn't have
IP address field in WiFi advanced settings partially hidden (""Recuperar automáticamente dirección IP"" string too long)
Some sentences in the User Guide don't make sense
Wrong profile names in the User Guide
Delete dialog text missing a space
Polish string too long in UPnP browsing menu bar
Wrong PO Box translation for CZ language
Re-enable reset and/or reset-and-clear in osso-xterm
""Already at minimum / maximum font size."" not translated
File manager fails to show folder sizes beyond 999,9 MB
Clock alarm status icon is sometimes shown as dash (-)"


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  • Users Avatars Mini
    WojtekX pisze: 2010-01-17 02:55
    MMS niech dodadzą. Nawet iphone już je ma.
  • Users Avatars Mini
    przemec pisze: 2010-01-17 04:13
    poprawka na poprawce... jak zwykle Nokia zaspala, i puścila byle co, żeby tylko nie zostać w tyle. kombinacja linuksa i symbiana musiala sie skonczyc poprawkami. trzeba poczekac z pół roku, zeby wersja softu byla ok
  • Users Avatars Mini
    Colo pisze: 2010-01-17 13:41
    Na portalu opisane jest jak wysyłać MMS-y z N900. To dla tych co tego koniecznie potrzebują :)
  • Users Avatars Mini
    nokianin pisze: 2010-01-18 15:16
    Bardzo dobry news! Widac ile czasu i pracy wymagalo przetlumaczenie na jezyk PL tych wszystkich poprawek. Ciesze sie ze sa jeszcze portale ktore ida na jakosc newsow a nie ilosc. Jestescie super!
  • Users Avatars Mini
    wolles pisze: 2010-01-18 19:22
    Aż cud,że to jeszcze działa!
  • Users Avatars Mini
    Maciek pisze: 2010-01-24 19:59
    czy da się synchronizować kalendarz MS Office 2007 z nokią n900 ? a jeśli tak to jak?


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